Ethos Urban has been engaged by Greens Lane Romsey Pty Ltd to provide strategic advice in relation to the Romsey structure plan process and the development of a masterplan for land located at 2598 Melbourne Lancefield Road.

The site is a highly strategic land holding comprising approximately 214ha located immediately south-east of Romsey’s township boundary and is bound by Greens Land to the south. It will be developed as a high-amenity master planned estate supporting residential, commercial, industrial, open space and recreation and community uses. The project will realise a mix of larger residential homes with lots ranging from 0.5ha to 4ha with a total yield of approximately 200 lots. 

Our engagement has relied on the deep integration of out Planning, Economic and Design service streams. As part of our engagement, we have lead:

  • Engagement and management of subconsultants 
  • Preparation of detailed planning and economics research and advice 
  • Preparation of developing layout testing plans 
  • Engagement with relevant authorities including Council, DTP, Greater Western Water 
  • Detailed review of the Issues and Opportunities Paper, Consultation Report and Draft Romsey Structure Plan 
  • Preparation of detailed multidisciplinary submissions to Council outlining the opportunity the site presents, the economic and social contribution it can make to the town of Romsey and the issues and weaknesses in the initial planning approach. 


NB Projex


Romsey, VIC




Henry Wallis

Henry Wallis

Associate Director | Melbourne

Tim Peggie

Tim Peggie

Director | Melbourne