Amidst the city's growing number of apartments, Parramatta City Council engaged Ethos Urban to delve into the effects of high-density environments on social cohesion and to develop actionable strategies for fostering strong communities.

In response to the increasing prevalence of apartment living, Parramatta City Council sought the expertise of the Ethos Urban Social Strategy team to understand how high-density environments affect social cohesion and to identify ways to cultivate vibrant, connected communities. 

Our team developed a thorough and tailored research project with recommendations for fostering strong communities in high-density settings.

Our research included interviews with community development officers and academics, as well as case studies highlighting examples of successful social outcomes in high-density communities.

The report provided clear and actionable strategies for engaging with communities in high-density areas and recommendations for fostering social cohesion, including key success factors for community development in high-density areas.

The recommendations were designed to be practical and easily implemented, aiming to strengthen community ties and enhance residents' quality of life in Parramatta's evolving urban landscape.

Panoramic aerial drone view of Parramatta CBD in Greater Western Sydney, NSW, Australia showing development of the city


Parramatta City Council


Parramatta, NSW


Completed 2021


Chloe Brownson

Chloe Brownson

Senior Urbanist | Sydney