What opportunities and challenges does the property industry face going forward, including in 2024?

Ethos Urban is excited to once again sponsor the Property Council of Australia NSW OUTLOOK SERIES industry event, which will take place from February 1st to February 29th, 2024, at various locations.

Join our team for an insightful 10-session series delving into the pivotal factors shaping our industry. From the evolution of Western Sydney to the dynamics within Residential, Seniors/Retirement, Industrial & Logistics and Precinct sectors, this series promises an in-depth discussion of the foreseeable future.

The Property Council of Australia has assembled the industry’s leaders across a range of sectors to deliver expert insights in an environment that promotes knowledge-sharing, professional development and networking opportunities for all attendees. 

Highlights include: 

  • Residential Outlook - Residential Sector Specialist, Schandel Fortu (Director, Planning)
  • Retirement Outlook - Retirement Sector Specialist, Yvette Carr (Director, Planning) 
  • Precincts Outlook - Precincts Sector Specialist, Paul Robbiliard (Director, Strategic Planning)

Check out the full lineup for all of the events:

Office Market Report 1st February 2024 The Fullerton Hotel  
Retail 7th February 2024 The Fullerton Hotel   
Hunter 9th February 2024 NEX Newcastle West  
Western Sydney 13th February 2024 Commbank Stadium  
Residential 14th February 2024 The Fullerton Hotel  
Retirement 15th February 2024 Waterview in Bicentennial Park  
Industrial & Logistics 21st February 2024 The Fullerton Hotel  
Illawarra Outlook Lunch 22nd February 2024 WIN Entertainment Centre  
Precincts 28th February 2024 The Fullerton Hotel  
Hotel Property 29th February 2024 The Fullerton Hotel  

We hope to see you there - you can register your attendance here: Property Council of Australia NSW OUTLOOK SERIES.