Optimising social value

Social strategy is fundamental to what we do - continuously improving everyone’s experience of urban living.

That means delivering liveable places that truly enhance quality of life, well-being, and resilience for communities.

Our team delivers tailored social strategies that effectively meet the needs and aspirations of communities, as well as government’s strategic goals and private developers’ urban renewal objectives.

We work with clients to understand, define and deliver a compelling social value proposition for their projects. We understand the complexities of urban development and the impact of the growing social sustainability agenda on successful urban renewal planning and delivery.


Our social strategy services include:

  • Social Impact Assessment.
  • Social infrastructure strategies.
  • Community infrastructure needs and trend analysis.
  • Demographic and socioeconomic analysis.
  • Social and economic benefit analysis.
  • Future-focused social strategies and place strategies.
  • Expert evidence in appeals and tribunals.