Social impact in the built environment

Social Strategy at Ethos Urban is a force for positive change, dedicated to building a future where communities across Australia thrive.

The way we plan, design and build our cities and communities can have a profound impact on our lives. By putting social outcomes at the heart of decision-making, we can deliver a better urban experience and ensure the long-term success of places and projects.

Our team are built environment and social impact professionals. Our clients trust us to understand the requirements of the planning process and provide an evidence base for decision-making on social issues.

We also provide advisory services for our clients, including social trends research, social value measurement and strategies to enhance the social impact of projects or portfolios.

Our social strategy services include:


Social Planning

  • Impact Assessment – social impact, health impact and gender impact assessments.
  • Social infrastructure planning – community needs assessment, community facility and open space planning.
  • Community strategies – arts and cultural strategies, local strategic plans and community resilience plans.
  • Connecting with Country – framework development and engagement with First Nations people and business.


Social advisory

  • Social value – measurement, strategies and outcomes frameworks.
  • Policy and research – policy development and leading practice research.
  • Social procurement – supplier diversity including First Nations businesses and social enterprise.
  • Social sustainability – ESG and social impact strategies, social trends research and Green Star credits.
  • Health and wellbeing – wellbeing frameworks, dashboards and community surveys.
  • Evaluation – program and services monitoring and evaluation.