Evelyn is an architectural graduate at UTS. She is currently completing her Master of Architecture at UNSW.

Throughout her academics, she has developed a range of both technical and graphical skillsets, as well as a comprehensive understanding of good design principles. This has allowed her short architectural film to be featured in Urban Screening 2021: Contradictions by The Emerging Architects and Graduate Network (EmAGN); and Melbourne Design Week Film Festival 2022.

With prior experience working in a tech startup, she has been able to demonstrate the ability to work in a highly collaborative environment, an interest in innovation and multi-disciplinary thinking, allowing her to work efficiently. During her time at Ethos Urban, she has familiarised herself with strategic and statutory planning documents and developed technical skills in mapping and drafting in several tools such as QGIS, Rhino, Grasshopper and AutoCAD, which has enabled her to have a better understanding of urban design.

Evelyn Ho's expertise