Partnering with Transport Asset Holding Entity (TAHE), Ethos Urban developed a robust policy framework, aligned with NSW protocols and a strategic roadmap for implementation over the next five years.

Ethos Urban in collaboration with TAHE, worked to formulate their first-ever organisational policy and framework concerning its homelessness response across their diverse portfolio of transport and land assets in NSW.

Through evidence-based research and stakeholder engagement, we developed a clear policy position for TAHE, aligned with the NSW Protocol for Homeless People in Public SpacesThe policy clearly outlined TAHE’s role and responsibilities in homelessness response and promoting safety and wellbeing.

The team then devised a strategic framework to be the practical roadmap to deliver on TAHE’s policy position over the next five years.

Ethos Urban's expertise in policy development and understanding of creating socially inclusive and safe places ensured a robust and appropriate framework that not only responds to homelessness, but also fosters broader community welfare.


Transport Asset Holding Entity (TAHE)


Various Sites, NSW


Completed 2023


Chloe Brownson

Chloe Brownson

Senior Urbanist | Sydney

Jayden Price

Jayden Price

Urbanist | Sydney

Madeleine Beart

Madeleine Beart

Associate Director | Melbourne