Based in our Queensland team, Ashley is an accomplished urban planner and trusted advisor with more than 18 years of experience in urban development and policy formulation in the housing, health, education, industry, logistics, infrastructure and tourism sectors.

Ashley has established a reputation for successfully delivering positive outcomes for clients, particularly complex Development Applications, the Ministerial Infrastructure Designations process (MIDs) and growth management strategies.  Ashley is strong in technical and project management, and his approach to complex projects is creative and collaborative.

With extensive experience in the industrial, logistics and port sectors, Ashley has successfully overseen several significant projects within the Port of Brisbane, including Major Hazard Facilities (MHF), large logistics warehouses, the Brisbane International Cruise Terminal, and conducting a thorough review of the Port of Brisbane Land Use Plan 2020.  

Ashley is a highly respected industry advisor who offers project advice, peer review and independent assessment services to high-profile private and government clients. His expertise extends to urban renewal, greenfield developments, and advising the government on large growth fronts and Build to Rent projects.


Ashley provides the following consulting planning services and advice to Queensland’s private, community and government: 

  • Complex Development Applications
  • Ministerial Infrastructure Designations process (MID) and growth management strategies
  • High-value development application pathway and delivery strategy
  • Peer review and independent assessment services for urban renewal and greenfield developments
  • Major Hazard Facilities and large logistics warehouses

Ashley Everton's expertise