Ethos Urban was commissioned by Blacktown City Council to prepare an Updated Master Plan and Urban Design Report for the Blacktown International Sports Park which has consolidated works under construction and committed to whilst putting forward a visionary masterplan for future decades as the sports park evolves. 

Ethos Urban has utilised its Urban Design services to assist Council to realise its vision to achieve a world-renowned sports, health and education precinct. An Urban Design Report and Masterplan was crafted to understand the developable capacity within the sports park including the required carparking to accommodate supporting and ancillary land uses. It considers the sports park’s current condition, on-going and committed projects as well as potential future scenarios for the sports park.

A staged masterplan has been considered over two decades to align with projects underway and planned which enables the sports park to grow incrementally over time subject to need. A sustainable approach to development has been considered informed by precinct, block and built-form principles which recognise the opportunity to create an improved public domain and enhances the overall character and quality of the sports park.

This report builds upon earlier work commissioned by Council, including review of a previous masterplan prepared by Populous. Since completing this work Council has committed to and commenced construction on a number of new buildings, sports fields, facilities and public domain projects within the sports park. 

Key features of the Masterplan include: 

  • Flexible framework which considers staged development scenarios.
  • Sports and recreational planning and design.
  • Capacity analysis and yield.
  • Review of previous works including consolidation of multiple projects underway and committed to.




Ping Chien Ng

Ping Chien Ng

Principal | Sydney

Stefan Meissner

Stefan Meissner

Director | Sydney