A inclusive approach to master planning

Ethos Urban was engaged by Archdiocesan Services to deliver a long-term master plan for several key landholdings of the Jubilee Parish within the suburbs of Petrie Terrace, Herston and Paddington, QLD. 

The master plan was a result of the collective expertise and services from Ethos Urban’s planning, design, engagement, and economics disciplines, which delivered an inclusive and sustainable master plan for the Parish. 

The Ethos Urban advisory, design and approvals service offer provided clear direction for the current and future uses over the various sites for the short, medium, and long term. Delivery of the holistic masterplan was underpinned by thoughtful stakeholder consultation and careful consideration of Parish objectives to balance missional and commercial outcomes. 

The master plan was subsequently translated into a clear and implementable planning framework, which formed the basis of a major development application to Brisbane City Council. 

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To date the project has provided the Archdiocese and Parish with several development options for the careful redevelopment of under-utilised sites, underpinned by sound planning, economic and urban design justification, and extensive consultation with key stakeholders, the congregation and wider community 

The project was true to our purpose – we are helping the Parish and the community respond to changing demands through the careful development of its land. Our role in the project is providing the framework to create a better urban experience for the future of the community. 

As a result of being able to provide end-to-end insights at several stages of the project lifecycle, the client was extremely pleased with the collaborative approach and therefore why we were selected as the partner of choice. They were also delighted with the result of the master plan which provided them with real, tangible opportunities and highlighted our team’s conduct as genuine collaborators. 

With over 4 hectares of under-utilised, inner urban land, the master plan created a framework for the careful development of sites over time, balancing the missional and commercial objectives of the Parish.

- Ben Weaver


Jubilee Parish & Archdiocesan Services


Ben Weaver

Ben Weaver

Director & National Precincts Lead | Brisbane

Lucy O'Malley

Lucy O'Malley

Senior Urbanist | Brisbane