Wesley Mission's "MyHome" project aims to establish a mental health housing facility providing a long-term independent living option with near 24-hour care on-site. Ethos Urban conducted a social value assessment to quantify the project's potential social impact.

Wesley Mission’s ambition is to develop a mental health housing facility in Curtin, ACT – called "MyHome" – that would provide approximately 15 people suffering from mental illness with a long-term independent living option with near 24-hour care on-site.

Wesley Mission engaged Ethos Urban to help them understand and quantify the likely social value of their mental health housing model to people living with mental illness in need of secure housing, to the surrounding community, as part of preparing a funding application to the ACT Government.

To assess the value creation of "MyHome", Ethos Urban undertook a social value assessment to quantitatively and qualitatively forecast the likely social value creation of the project.

Our approach involved three key components:

  1. A social research program utilising semi-structured interviews to gather data.
  2. Development of a theory of change to outline expected outcomes for various stakeholder groups.
  3. A Social Return on Investment (SROI) analysis, adhering to Social Value International principles, to forecast the project's social value creation in monetary terms.

Ethos Urban delivered a succinct report that:

  • Clearly articulated MyHome's social value creation.
  • Supports Wesley Mission's advocacy for funding and recognition.
  • Emphasises the importance of the project's social outcomes.

The "MyHome" project represents a significant initiative in addressing the housing needs of individuals with mental illness in Curtin, ACT. Through our social value assessment, Ethos Urban has provided quantitative and qualitative insights into the potential impacts of this housing model. The approach, combining semi-structured interviews, theory of change development, and SROI analysis, offers a framework for understanding the project's multifaceted effects. By articulating the social outcomes and potential value creation of "MyHome", this project may inform future policy decisions and similar initiatives in mental health care and community development. 


Wesley Mission


Canberra, ACT


Completed 2023


Madeleine Beart

Madeleine Beart

Associate Director | Melbourne

Solomon Charles

Solomon Charles

Senior Urbanist | Melbourne