Ethos Urban was engaged by Banyule City Council to deliver a simple and forward-thinking structure plan for the Heidelberg Activity Centre.

The significance of Heidelberg as a substantial transport hub with broad regional accessibility will continue to evolve as a result of the State Government’s commitment to major transport projects including the North East Link Project (NELP), the Suburban Rail Loop (SRL) and investment in the Hurstbridge Rail Line. Heidelberg is a world-class health precinct of State significance. As the health precinct continues to grow, it requires a land-use framework that is agile and supportive of continued investment alongside a whole-of-government (State and local) approach to facilitation and integrated outcomes. 

The purpose of the Structure Plan is to establish a simple strategic framework to guide the evolution of Heidelberg as a State Significant health precinct and major activity centre. The Structure Plan is intended to be user-friendly and to provide a clear pathway to facilitate development. It also supports innovation, provides flexibility over its duration and recognises that it must be adaptable to changing needs of the day. 

    The Heidelberg Structure Plan provided six distinctly different precincts which will have different built form controls to ensure the Heidelberg Activity Centre is appropriately developed. Built form controls were based on detailed modelling conducted by Ethos Urban.

    The Heidelberg Structure Plan is:

    • A simplified long term strategic planning framework to guide growth in the Activity Centre over the next twenty years.
    • A strategic basis for changes to the Banyule Planning Scheme including for the application of the Activity Centre Zone that will inform and guide planning permit applications and their assessment.
    • A Place-based framework that will guide future work and investment in the centre.

    Additionally, Ethos Urban consulted with a range of stakeholders to ensure the structure plan would effectively address the diversity of needs throughout Heidelberg. The Heidelberg Structure Plan will enable Banyule City Council to have clarity of how Heidelberg will change and assist in guiding the approval or rejection of future development in Heidelberg.


    Banyule City Council


    Heidelberg, VIC


    Completed 2021


    Juan Carlos Bueno

    Juan Carlos Bueno

    Senior Urbanist, Design | Melbourne

    Nikki Hill

    Nikki Hill

    Associate Director | Melbourne