Mirvac’s Smiths Lane Estate is located in Clyde North, approximately 10km east of Cranbourne.

Smiths Lane is part of Melbourne’s rapidly growing south-east growth corridor that will undergo significant further urban development over the next 20+ years. Mirvac’s vision for Smiths Lane involves a ‘benchmark’ new community that delivers community infrastructure early, resulting in better social outcomes for residents from the moment they move in.  

Smiths Lane (source: Mirvac) 

Mirvac engaged Ethos Urban’s Social Strategy team to assess the community infrastructure needs and provide social sustainability directions. We undertook a needs assessment of both 'hard' and 'soft' social infrastructure, requiring quantitative analysis (benchmarking, demographics) and qualitative analysis (stakeholder interviews and engagement), to make recommendations as to the provision of libraries, education and childcare, arts and cultural spaces, open space, aquatic and leisure centres, GPs and maternal child health, stadiums, and performing arts centres. We then provided social sustainability directions and initiatives to guide the community development approach on Smiths Lane. 

This work enabled Mirvac to ensure their estate’s social infrastructure provision will meet the future needs of this growing community. 




Melbourne, Victoria


Chloe Brownson

Chloe Brownson

Senior Urbanist | Sydney

Madeleine Beart

Madeleine Beart

Associate Director | Melbourne